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Saturday, July 18, 2009

David and Jackie Gregg Came to Visit

Sunday July 12, 2008

Morning Service and after service Luncheon

Pastor and Mrs. Gregg were very happy because their son David Gregg came to visit them all the way from Alabama. David came along with his lovely wife Jackie and their two grandsons.

After our morning service everyone sat around enjoying some wonderful food. This is our once a month after service luncheon. Any one who would like to sit and listen to the service and then stay and eat with the church is welcome to come.

After having had their fill of the marvelous food, every one sat around and talked and laughing.

Nathan was full of smiles all day.

The two boys enjoyed getting drinks,snacks, playing and smiling for the camera.

By the end of the luncheon you could tell Nathan was tired, but Robin had on a nice big smile.

Sunday Evening Service

We did not have our usual service that night. David had taken a trip to Israel and brought a lot of photos to show us. He had arranged them into a very nice slide show. Every one sat talking while they waited for the service to begin.

The room was full when the service started.

David started out by singing a beautiful song.

He then called his lovely wife Jackie up to help him sing the second song.

It was very beautiful.

The slide show was very wonderful and every one seemed pleased.

David gave his grandson a big hug after the service.

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