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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Sundays of Blessings

October 11, 2009 Harold's Baptism

Brother Harold was baptized into the Lord's church the Sunday of the 11. The whole congregation was overjoyed to see such a wonderful blessing.
Upon rising out of the water the choir sang Amazing Grace.
Smiley Choir

October 18, 2009 Sister Sindi came forward
Sister Sindi came forward Sunday morning and asked to be baptized and added to the Lord's church. Sister Sindi will be baptized Sunday October 25, 2009 at the YWCA located in Fairbanks Park.

Sunday evening Sisters Shirley and Nancy (back) and Robin and Sindi (front) sang I'll Fly Away as a special.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Luncheon

Sunday October 4, 2009
Today was the day of our monthly luncheon. We received an added blessing that morning when the service came to an end. Brother Harold came walking down the isle. He knelt down to pray. A few moments later Pastor Gregg came and knelt with him to pray. Brother Harold had come forward and asked to be baptized, and added to the Lord's church.
Pastor Gregg welcome Harold with a hand shake and hug.
Sunday October 11, 2009 Harold will be baptized by Pastor Gregg at the YWCA located in Fairbanks Park. The baptism will happen following the Sunday morning services. Everyone is welcome to come. What a blessing to see a new member be baptized.

Our Monthly luncheon seemed to be even greater with the news of next weeks baptism. There was a lot a smile,laughter, and of course great food.