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New Bethel Slide Show

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July Jubilance

Preparing for Vacation Bible School

First night of VBS

Registration Time
After signing in we started with singing
Snack Time
Learning their Bible lessons

Crafts: Jesus Keeps Me A Float Boats


The Mission hut where they learned about Missionaries

The collection buckets for the boys and girls , who will win?

Second Night of VBS

Youngest Vacation Bible Schooler
Crafts: David's Sling

The slings worked. There were marshmallows flying everywhere.

Learning their Bible lessons


Singing "The Lord's Army" song

Third night of VBS

It seems the boys may win.


Crafts: Phones to call and talk with God



All the workers came together to have fellowship at the end of the night.

Closing prayer

Fourth and final night

Mrs. Gregg filling out the awards certificates.

Raising money to help a sister church buy a building.
Who will raise the most, the boys or the girls.

The children recieved their awards

Workers recieve their awards

Singing Jesus loves meThe Girls Won!