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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Arkansa Friends Lend A Hand

We were blessed in July when a group from Arkansas came to help us do some much needed repairs on our building.

Sunday morning Brother Don told us about their work. Each year they pick a church to go and help with work that needs to be done.

The week they were with us was filled with music and lots of singing.

The week was also filled with fellowship.

All the work that was done

Ramp cleaned

Pastor Greggs office before and after

Brother Kenny's office Before and after

New lighting in downstairs hall

Before and after of upstairs hall

New fan in the nursery

Small Restroom downstairs before and after

Inside Ramp

Large restroom downstairs before and after

Administrator's Office before and after

Small downstairs closet before and after
Three souls were saved that week

The week was over and our new friends had to head back to their homes

They sent us a very nice card a few weeks later