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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacation Bible School Night 4

Tonight the children received their awards

All the money we collected goes to help the workers that are coming to help work on our church

All the children will receive
an award certificate and a bag of goodies

We started out with singing

Each child was then called up to receive there certificate and bag

Then metals were given out to those children who won the tug of war

The adult workers were then awarded

for their part in helping with VBS

Group photo of all the workers

By the end of the evening some of the children

were very tired

We had a great VBS.

Thank You to all who help

Vacation Bible School Night 3

Once again the night started out with singing

Pastor Gregg showed everyone his invisible dog

Tug of war was the game played between all the classes

The first two classes to play were

Miss Shirley's class( on the left) and

Miss Faye's class(on the right)

Miss Faye's class won

Miss Nancy"s class (on the left) then took on Miss Faye's class (on the right)

Miss Nancy's class won

They decide to try again to win

Nancy's class wins again

The teen boys class took on the men

The boys won

The toddlers were to little to play tug of war

so they sat outside and drew with chalk

There was plenty to do for crafts the third night

First they made prayer books

Second they filled out Bible info coloring sheets