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Sunday, June 13, 2010

June Events

Father's Day June 20, 2010 the parking lot was full.We were blessed to have four Pastors at the church that Sunday morning. The building was full of beautiful singing as the four men honored us all with a song.

Visiting Pastor David Gregg from Florence Missionary Baptist Church in Florence AL. delivered the morning message.

After the morning services were dismissed Pastor Clyde Gregg and his wife Nancy gave all the Fathers a Father's Day gift.

Sunday evening all the men of the church came up and sang.

The Pastor's wives then came up and sang also.

The ladies of the church made up a song about Fathers and sang it to all the men. There were many chuckles coming from the men.

Pastor Gregg then welcomed visiting Pastor James Candler, from First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Rock Island IL., as he came to deliver the evening message.

After evening service the four Pastors posed for a picture with their wives. Listed below are their names, from left to right, and the names of the churches they Pastor.

Pastor and Mrs. James Candler of First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Rock Island, IL.

Pastor and Mrs. Alkire newest members to New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor and Mrs. Clyde Gregg of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Terre Haute, IN.

Pastor and Mrs. David Gregg of Florence Missionary Baptist Church in Florence, AL.

Before the closing of the evening, all the members and the visitors posed for a couple of group photos.

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